Pledge to resist voter intimidation!

The administration's sham "election integrity" commission is just an attempt to suppress voters.

The leaders of the commission present a "who's who" of voter suppression, including Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, whose discriminatory Crosscheck program purged thousands of eligible voters from the rolls in Kansas. He wants to spread his harmful tactics nationwide, and make it harder for Americans to vote.

We need voter protection, not voter suppression.

To actually strengthen trust in our elections, we need to advance common-sense reforms like automatic voter registration (AVR) that safeguard our elections, improve the electoral process, and increase voter participation.

CPD Action and our partners are pushing for these fair and effective reforms, while fighting back against every undemocratic and unjust move this sham commission makes to intimidate voters.

Pledge to stand up against the Administration's attempts to dismantle our democracy, and defend the right to vote!